Our annual-fudge making tradition started way back in 1969.  The company founder, John Beard Sr., only had a handful of clients when the company started and no budget for fancy gifts.  He turned to his wife, Ruth, and asked her to make some of her fudge which already was a big hit within the family.  The clients loved the fudge and the rest is sweet history.


Today, what was once a simple project for a few customers has become a major undertaking for several hundred eager clients who can’t wait to get their hands on this tasty treat.  The candy is still hand-made and created with the same recipe and care as the first batch. This year, the G2 family and their employees will make up to 800 boxes of fudge in custom printed boxes using up 750 pounds of sugar, 360 pounds of semi sweet chocolate, 180 pounds of milk chocolate chips and 180 pounds of butter.  The cooking takes up to three days and involves the entire family and several G2 employees.


The fabric of our daily lives is measured in nanoseconds, a unit of time equal to one-billionth of a second. Our daily routines move along increasingly faster, speedier, everything is rush rush rush!


Every holiday season, we ask our clients to take a deep breath, relax, and ponder the wonder of fudge. It's slow to melt in your mouth, temptingly dark, rich and velvety.  It takes time to transform simple ingredients into dark, silky splendor.  We make it with the sound of holiday music piping through the air, along with lots of joking and a deep competitive spirit.  We believe that our fudge is -- much like our service -- the best you will ever experience. We've made this fudge for our clients for over forty-five years, a sign that we have not lost our humanity to the nanosecond.


We hope that during the holiday season you take a few seconds to enjoy our G2 fudge. We are printers, graphic artists and data crunchers operating in the nanosecond world, taking time to sweeten your season with some good old-fashioned slow-cooked holiday fudge.

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